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Dear Readers,
We are thrilled to be able to introduce more and more
receivers here in TELE-audiovision that can receive all of
the digital transmission methods. This covers not only
satellite transponders but also terrestrial broadcasts
and, just as important, the digital offerings available
through the Internet. Only when a receiver can actually
receive all of these methods, and when possible cable
broadcasts as well, will it meet the expectations and
requirements of the end users. They don’t want to have
to worry about how these TV pictures make it into their
living room. The receiver should be able to take care of
it all and receive everything.
But there’s another reason why it’s important for a
receiver to be able to receive everything. More and more
TVs are being integrated with built-in tuners although
they are typically limited to one reception mode, for
example, terrestrial reception or satellite reception. This
opens up the opportunity for receiver manufacturers
to build receivers that can do more than what TV
manufacturers are offering. Receiver manufacturers can
react much more quickly to new trends and produce
appropriate receivers. A new TV will more than likely
be purchased far less often than a receiver with all the
latest features because it would be easier for end users
to afford.
The future looks good for receiver manufacturers: with
new features and functions always being added, and
above all with the ability to receive all the different digital
modes, end users will always be inclined to acquire the
latest and greatest receivers.
Alexander Wiese
Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision International
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