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— 05-06/2013
Hybrid Receiver
DVB-C Receiver, Media Player
and Android Apps –
All in One Box!
At 28 x 19 x 5 cm the
isn’t all that small, but it
takes the place of a digital
receiver as well as a Media
Player and, thanks to the
incorporation of Google’s
Android operating system,
Apps can be run directly
through the Smartcenter.
The Smartcenter, weighing
in at only 900gm, sports
only one single status LED
on the front panel. But when
you look at the rear panel,
your pulse rate will increase.
In addition to an “F” type
signal input and the associ-
ated signal output, there’s
a network connection that
provides the link to the In-
ternet and/or a local net-
work. Video signals are sent
to a TV or projection system
in HD quality from the HDMI
output while the S/PDIF out-
put in connection with a Dol-
by Digital system provides
high-quality audio.
The manufacturer also
supplied three RCA jacks for
composite video and stereo
audio outputs and, much to
our satisfaction, there were
another set of three RCA
jacks for inputting a com-
posite video/stereo audio
signal. Thanks to two USB
2.0 ports, external storage
devices can be connected to
the Smartcenter.
Changhong added a third
USB port as well as an SD
card reader on the right side
of the box. Right next to that
is a CI slot that can handle
all the standard modules. If
a WiFi network is available,
the Smartcenter can also
link to that thereby creating
a wireless network connec-
Power to the Smartcenter
is supplied by an external
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2. Changhong Smartcenter’s Main Menu
Very successful
hybrid receiver for digital TV
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