TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 05-06/2013
tegrated NFS function since
you can also enjoy file shar-
ing with it.
In our tests we were able
to set up a network connec-
tion with our Windows 7 PC
as well as with a small Linux
IP Camera
Behind this Main Menu se-
lection you’ll find the abil-
ity to display the signal of a
security camera directly on
the Changhong Smartcent-
er. You merely have to enter
in the IP address of the cam-
era and just like that you’ll
have access to the camera’s
We found this to be a very
practical function; we were
able to view the parking
space in front of our build-
ing from a desk chair in the
office. The applications of
this function are essentially
limitless; you can use it to
watch over a sleeping child
in another room, check out
your backyard or even keep
an eye on the inside of your
weekend cabin via an Inter-
net connection.
Video Input
Analog TV signals via
CVBS are fading more and
more into history thanks
es, surf-
hong Smartcenter
is actually enjoyable
even though there’s a
lack of Flash support.
Because of the Android
system operating in the
background, there are still
quite a few possibilities re-
garding the Internet, such
as the full support of Google
accounts that would let the
user not only access their
personal data but also lets
them view emails, calen-
dars, contacts, even book-
marks directly through the
We’re looking forward to
the day when Changhong in-
tegrates these features into
their Smartcenter; it would
make it that much more in-
teresting for customers.
File Management lets the
user access all the files in
the local flash memory, on
the internal hard drive, on
USB storage devices, SD
cards as well as any files
available via a network con-
nection. Thanks to the Win-
dows Network support, mu-
sic, videos and pictures can
be easily accessed from a PC
and made available for the
Changhong Smartcenter.
If you have a Linux PC,
you’ll be happy with the in-
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