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— 05-06/2013
Handheld Satellite Meter
Very Useful Tool
For a Professional
Installer or Amateur
It is difficult to spot diffe-
rences between S30 and its
older brother S20 we pre-
sented some time ago. Ex-
cept for the model number,
only the name has changed
from Satellite Finder to Sa-
tellite Meter. However, when
we started using it, it beca-
me obvious that the changes
are not only cosmetic.
The look and feel of S30
is practically the same as
its predecessor‘s – what is a
good thing because nothing
has been lost in its ease of
use and sharp learning cur-
ve the first user experien-
ces. S30 has a very clear
128x64 backlit LCD and se-
ven buttons. There are three
connectors for the antenna
cable, USB cable and a po-
wer supply unit. Speaking
Highly accurate
handheld meter optimized
for the satellite dish installer
of which, in the set we get
not only a plug type pow-
er supply working from 100
through 240 V 50/60Hz but
also a car charger. The plas-
tic enclosure is protected
with a blue rubber envelope
but that is not all concerning
ergonomics. Additionally, the
happy owner of a S30 gets a
vanity case attachable to a
belt and a strip to hang the
meter on a neck.
If there is an USB connec-
tor, one should expect an
USB cable and some PC soft-
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