05-06/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
8. Naturally, you get access to
the full EPG. For the desired
channel, just touch the small
icon to the left of the TV icon.
9. To zap, touch the name of
the channel. On the top of
the website, you will see the
current channel and program
(if the EPG is available for the
selected channel). Touch the TV
symbol to start streaming.
10. IPTV will open and you need
to touch the question mark.
MX Player will open and start
buffering the stream.
11. And after a total of about
3-5 seconds, depending on
the stream, you will be able to
watch TV. Your smart phone
or tablet will behave just like a
regular TV set.
Player is only used for re-
motely controlling playback
and therefore ads are never
Now if you want to play
back a stream on your smart-
phone or tablet there is one
more piece of required soft-
ware, which takes care of ac-
tually receiving the stream.
Streaming content must be
transmitted via WiFi and freed
of its RTP/UDP encapsulation.
Only the naked MPEG stream
is then passed on to the MX
Player. Obviously, Google
Market has such an app in
store, and it even has a name
that could hardly be more fit-
ting (and which almost makes
you feel a bit stupid if you fi-
nally fall over it after a long
and hard search): IPTV! This
is an app that does precisely
what it is named for – play-
ing back IPTV content of an
Internet service provider or
any TV channel that is avail-
able on the Internet.
Here too, there are two ver-
sion available, one with and
one without ads. Once again
the free version with ads
does the trick for us since we
do not launch IPTV by hand
(Android takes care of that as
soon as the playlist is loaded
in the browser). All you have
to do is tap on the link that
appears in IPTV in order to
start playback through the
MX Player.
Once both apps are in-
stalled we can proceed with
entering the IP address of the
AZBox ME or MiniMe in the
browser address line. The ex-
act same user-interface as on
the PC will load and we can
select a channel. Tapping on
the TV icon loads the corre-
sponding playlist and when
you do this for the first time
Android will ask you which
app you would like to use in
conjunction with the playlist.
Select IPTV now and don’t
forget to tick the box so that
Androids saves this prefer-
ence and will automatically
open IPTV for streaming the
next time.
Due to lacking Codecs,
however, IPTV is unable to di-
rectly play back this stream,
so that we have to tell IPTV
which player to use instead.
In the configuration menu
you choose the MX Player
(please note: even though
our tablet comes with a num-
ber of different player apps
1...,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64 66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,...228