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— 07-08/2013
36. DivX HD Video
37. Boxee Remote App for the iPhone
38. Boxee Remote App's control buttons for the iPhone
39. Boxee Media Manager - it doesn't get easier than this
40. AirPlay playback of an HD video from an iPhone via
the Boxee
to the Boxee support of clas-
sic proxy servers up to and
including complex VPN con-
nections, these can easily be
The heading „ Enable
Streaming from iOS devic-
es“ in the Network settings
really caught our attention
and before we take up this
subject a little later in this
report, we can say this: yes,
the Boxee is AirPlay com-
patible and can therefore
be supplied with multimedia
content wirelessly from an
iPhone or iPad.
The Parental Controls
menu can be used to block
inappropriate content from
the kids and as we dem-
onstrated in our tests this
is an absolutely necessary
and useful feature. If it‘s not
turned on, a variety of con-
tent will appear in the Main
menu that truly would not be
suitable for kids.
Last but not least there‘s
the System submenu. From
here the software can be up-
dated, a number of browser
settings can be adjusted
(such as, deleting cookies,
activating or deactivating
pop ups) and the digital sig-
nal output can be matched
(Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby
Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD,
DTS-HD, LPCM 7.1) to a digi-
tal stereo system if it is con-
nected to the Boxee.
After all the basic settings
have been taken care of and
the box has been custom-
ized the way we like, the
Main menu finally appears
with all of its different func-
The first thing to pop into
our eyes is the „Friends“
heading. With this feature
the box gathers all of the
multimedia content that was
uploaded by all of your social
media friends. This process
takes about one minute.
In the meantime it‘s nice
to know that you can do oth-
ers things during this time
since the box takes care of
this task in the background.
Second in the list is the
heading „Watch Later“ and
this highlights a problem
that we are all very familiar
with: suppose that you‘re
surfing the Internet and you
come across a great video
on YouTube, Vimeo or some
other service. Instead of
watching that clip on your
PC‘s monitor, wouldn‘t you
rather watch it on your big
Up until now you had to
identify the name of the clip,
find it again using a com-
patible media box and only
then could you play it back
on your normal TV. But with
the Boxee it‘s not like that;
thanks to the Watch Later
function you can create a
small Bookmarklet for your
browser (a small Java macro
in the form of a bookmark).
This will let you transfer a
clip that is currently active
on your PC to the Boxee‘s
Watch Later list so that they
are then instantly available
to you from the box.
This feature works very
well together with nearly all
web browsers and operating
systems and functioned ex-
ceptionally well in our tests.
The communication between
the PC and the Boxee was
handled by a server from
the manufacturer and during
our tests it was always read-
ily accessible and performed
its functions without any
problems. It didn‘t take long
for this Watch List Book-
marklet to become the most
widely used entry in our web
browser‘s Favorites list.
The next heading is Shows.
Here numerous shows will
be listed from all different
categories like Action, Ad-
venture, Comedy, Family,
Documentaries, Talk Shows,
1...,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,...260
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