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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
etc. The content comes from
various providers such as
Crunchyroll, Engadget, Revi-
sion 3, TED or TVO whereby
most of the content origi-
nates from Crunchyroll and
Revision 3.
The quality varies greatly
by provider but from some
of them (e.g. Revision 3)
it‘s top notch thanks to HD
resolution. In addition to
free offerings, there‘s also
paid providers available thus
making classic television
series such as Southpark,
Lost, The Simpsons or The
Office available.
The heading Movies is pre-
sented graphically the same
as Shows and provides
access to MUBI and
OpenFilm. MUBI is an
Internet service that
is geared toward
those movie lov-
ers whose inter-
ests lie beyond
the classic Hol-
lywood block-
busters. There‘s seemingly
an endless amount of pro-
fessionally produced content
that is divided into dozens of
categories. We were totally
amazed at all the different
MUBI content that was avail-
With the OpenFilm plat-
form the Boxee has access
to an equally large archive
of movies and clips from
up and coming filmmakers.
Here directors have the abil-
ity to present their work to
the general public and make
themselves known. Also di-
vided into numerous cat-
egories, the interested user
can discover one or more
top movies that might
be more enjoy-
able than
some of the new Hollywood
For those within the USA
the services Netflix and
Vudu are available. For a
subscription fee, users have
access to whatever‘s cur-
rently available on TV or in
the movie theaters. Holly-
wood blockbusters, current
TV series and the latest pro-
ductions from the biggest
movie studios are directly
available through the Boxee
at any time. Unfortunately
this service is not free and
due to international regula-
tions cannot be viewed out-
side of the USA.
There‘s a wide variety of
possibilities hidden behind
the heading Apps. From
here Apps for all the differ-
ent services such as You-
Tube, Vimeo, Weather,
News, etc. can
be down-
loaded. Not only that, there‘s
the RSS Feeder, Apps for
Revision 3, MLB, Slingbox,
etc. that can be selected. If
you‘re interested in foreign-
language TV channels, you
can also get your fill with
content like CBS8 Los An-
geles. There‘s even Apps for
hundreds of delicious reci-
pes available. And the best
part? The recipes are pre-
sented not just in plain text
form but also as video clips
making the decision to cook
that much easier.
You might recall at the
beginning of this report we
mentioned that the App sec-
tion also contains an as-
sortment of inappropriate
content for the kids from
providers, such as, YouPorn,
PornHub, or Porn Banana
whereby a sorting of all the
available Apps based on user
preferences reveals quite
a few more similar Apps on
the first results page.
To put it plain
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