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Active Power
Apparent Power
Active 13 W 25 W 0.52
StandBy 12.5 W 23.5 W 0.53
Thomas Haring
Test Center
Internet Streaming Box
07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Initial 15 minutes active operation, then two minutes completely turned
off and then 15 minutes in Standby
Excellent manufacturing quality and extravagant design
The number of available movies, series, music, radio stations,
Apps and IPTV is unbelievably large
In addition to Standby mode, the Boxee can also be turned off
completely lowering its power usage to less than 1.0 Watt
and simple, the number of
available Apps for the Boxee
is nearly unlimited and thus
offers something for every
user. Thanks to the practi-
cal App store, the user can
download these small pro-
grams to the Boxee with
the push of just one button
on the remote control. Dur-
ing our tests it took us quite
some time to go through the
extensive App store to get
an idea of all the interest-
ing Apps that are available.
The list of Apps is truly wide-
And yet with all of this In-
ternet content available, the
Boxee can also play back lo-
cal multimedia content via
the network, a USB connec-
tion or a memory card. As
mentioned before, all of the
standard transfer protocols
are available for network ac-
cess. The following file for-
mats are supported: Audio:
Video: MKV, FLV, MTS,MT2S,
MPEG4, MOV, MP4-2 and
WMV-9; Pictures: JPG, PNG,
GIF, BMP and TIFF. In our
tests the playback of audio
and video files via network
and/or memory card worked
perfectly. Even the display
of pictures on the big-screen
plasma TV in our test center
was quite enjoyable.
Naturally, we also wanted
to take a closer look at the
Boxee‘s AirPlay function.
As soon as the Boxee was
connected to the local net-
work, the iPhone and iPad
became possible playback
sources. One button-push
is all that‘s needed and just
like that the HD
video on the iPad can now
be seen in full-screen mode
on the TV. It also functions
just as perfectly for all forms
of music and Podcasts. And
while we‘re talking about the
iPhone and iPad, the Boxee
Remote App for all iOS de-
vices can be used to operate
and control the Boxee com-
fortably from your Smart-
phone although the capa-
bilities of the virtual remote
control are somewhat lim-
ited and therefore isn‘t re-
ally that much of an added
benefit compared to the real
remote control.
To round it all off, the Box-
ee is enhanced even more
by the integration of a fully
functional Internet browser
that can be found under the
heading Web. In addition
to the capability to save to
your Favorites, it makes for
an excellent alternative to
a PC-based or Smartphone-
based web browser thanks
to the practical keyboard on
the underside of the remote
control. In our tests it had
no trouble handling any of
the websites we surfed to; it
could even handle Flash con-
tent without any difficulties.
Social networks, videos
from the Internet, IPTV,
movies, series, music, ra-
dio and of course the Web,
it all comes merged together
very nicely in the Streaming
Player Boxee and is avail-
able to the user using just
one single remote control.
Thanks to the many different
capabilities, multimedia con-
tent from other devices can
be played back through the
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