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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
ly doubled the warranty period
for all of our products to cover
24 months,” Jason Wu proudly
states. This goes to show that
the European repair and logis-
tics centre is not being set up
predominantly for dealing with
repairs, but to offer even bet-
ter service to DEVISER’s pro-
fessional customers.
Meters made by DEVISER
are a particularly interesting
proposition for quality-con-
scious customers and the com-
pany’s Sales team under Jason
Wu can be seen at numerous
international fairs and exhibi-
tion to get in direct touch with
those potential customers.
No matter whether it’s CCBN,
a range of other events for the
cable TV and fibre-optic indus-
try, chances are you can speak
in person to a DEVISER repre-
sentative. Thanks to its top-
notch product range and with
its new headquarters DEVISER
is in a perfect position to fur-
ther expand in the high-quality
segment of the global meter
1. View across the DEVISER
showroom. This is where the
latest devices are showcased.
2.Satellite signals are provided
to DEVISER through this
antenna. Here an employee can
be seen attaching a new cable
for a meter test.
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