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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
A friendly welcome
by the Forcetech
IPTV is steadily gaining popularity, as it
gives small and even tiny content provid-
ers a platform for offering their services
on a truly global scale. The question that
arises is: Where can you turn to for a
fully-fledged IPTV solution? Force-tech is
a company that has the answer. It offers
everything you require in terms of soft-
ware for managing an IPTV offering as
well as hardware such as IPTV boxes for
clients. Forcetech is based in northern
Beijing, and we visited the company
to find out what it’s made of.
The Chinese capital Bei-
jing is home to countless
software businesses, and
a number of well-known
companies have chosen
the northwestern part of
the metropolis, close to
the Xierqu station of metro line 13 as
a place to do business. Baidu (the Chi-
nese counterpart of Google) has its huge
headquarters right around the corner,
and a bustling location like that is just
the right place for an innovative company
like Forcetech. Lan Haidong is in charge
of marketing at Forcetech and gives us
a brief company overview. “Forcetech
CEO Mr. Arojoy Wei founded Forcetech in
the year 2004. He had studies computer
technology at university and has always
M1905 is the name
of the online portal
operated by CCTV-6.
Not only does CCTV-6
use Forcetech software
for its online movie
service, it also has
a shareholding in
IPTV Solution Provider Forcetech, China
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