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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
Lan Haidong is the
Marketing Manager at
Forcetech. The official
name of the company
is Force Innovation
Technology Co., Ltd.
as can be seen in the
shown persistent interest in streaming
Together with his staff of eight, six of
which were software engineers at the
time, Forcetech CEO Mr. Arojoy Wei de-
signed streaming software for commer-
cial applications during the initial phase
of his company. State-run institutions
such as schools and universities as well
as industrial enterprises ranked among
his first customers. Forcetech software
was implemented on the websites of
those customers for streaming video
content. Lan Haidong gives the example
of “lectures at schools and universities”
that could be accessed online for viewing
at home.
At the time, all streaming software was
based on so-called multicast technol-
ogy, which means every client received
his or her stream directly from a central
content server. Things changed in 2008,
when Forcetech launched a P2P (peer-
to-peer) version of its software. What
was different from then on? With P2P all
connected streaming clients at the same
time function as active multipliers and
forward the received signal to additional
clients. Lan Haidong: “P2P improves the
quality of the received signal, above all.”
Signals need not be fed from a central
server any longer, but can be received
The Forcetech Sales team with TELE-audiovision editor-in-chief Alexander Wiese: (from
left to right) Sales Manager Ren Nan, Sun Wenya, Marketing Manager Lan Haidong, Wang
Qinghua, Dong Peng and Guo Tianwei.
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