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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
owners of DESAI. “In 2005 the owner-
ship changed and my family became
the majority holder and since then I’ve
been General Manager.”
With this change the company start-
ed to go in a different direction: “We
began focusing more on exports.” Cur-
rently, domestic sales make up only
50% of their business; the remaining
50% of their products are exported.
“We not only changed our sales territo-
ries, we also switched over our product
palette primarily to digital TV.”
Analog components are still being
produced but only for the domestic
market and also as replacement parts.
Where does DEXIN export their prod-
ucts to? “We have many deliveries to
Sales Team
1. The expansive Sales Team office is
new and modernly equipped
2. Tina Feng is responsible for Sales
Europe and Africa
3. Ronnie Pan works with customers in
the Middle East, Pakistan and India
4. Jason Zhao speaks Russian and
is obviously responsible for the CIS
5. Emilio speaks Spanish and deals with
customers in South America
6. Fancy Wang is responsible for
customers in South Africa
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