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Guan (Hebei)
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
Thumbs up for General Manager
Bang Xian Peng. He and his brother
Bang Xing Peng are the founders of
equipment for
conquering the
world market
There was a time when a huge num-
ber of hard-working employees manu-
factured large quantities of all sorts of
products. For most successful compa-
nies, this has long become a thing of
the past, and Chinese satellite dish and
antenna manufacturer Tianditong is a
perfect example of that development.
Almost every step of the production is
completed by highly efficient machines,
and even the few components that still
require manual work will be assembled
by automatic equipment in the foresee-
able future. All this results in roughly
three million antennas being manufac-
tured by less than 300 employees. Im-
pressive numbers – and reason enough
for us to pay a visit to that company.
Our first port of call is a small office
right in Beijing. As little as 20 employ-
ees work at this site, with six members
of staff making up the Sales team for
Antenna Manufacturer Tianditong, China
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