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— 07-08/2013
the local Chinese market. General Man-
ager Bang Xian Peng walks down mem-
ory lane with us: “My brother Bang Xing
Peng and I founded Tianditong in the
year 2004.” Both had been employed by
state-run dish manufacturer China Zhen
Hua before, a company that sells most
of its products to government agencies
and the Chinese military.
Tianditong also exploits the state-con-
trolled market and produces large satel-
lite dishes and earth stations, which are
installed at Chinese embassies abroad,
for example. “We also manufactured all
nine-meter dishes that ZTE set up in
Afghanistan to build the local commu-
nications network.” Earth stations from
Tianditong can also be encountered in
countries such as Congo, Mali, Chad,
Nigeria, Gabon and Pakistan. The two
major network operators Huawei and
ZTE rely on dishes made by Tianditong.
“Our technology is fully compatible with
systems used by Cisco, Newtek, Harris
and Philips,” explains General Manager
Gan Xian Peng and gives us some in-
sight into the professional market. In
the course of an average year, Tiandi-
tong delivers some 150 of those large-
scale satellite systems.
Yet, this segment is just one aspect of
the entire product range on offer. Anten-
nas for satellite TV reception make up a
significantly larger share of overall busi-
ness. Tianditong has invested heavily in
that field and has installed ultra-modern
equipment using the latest technology.
As a consequence, production is fully
automatic for the most part, and we are
allowed to take a close look at one of
two Tianditong’s state-of-the-art prem-
ises. One factory is located at the Loudi
economic development Zone in the Hu-
nan Province. We visit the one in Guan,
which is some 50 km from Beijing. Just
after the urban sprawl of China’s capital
comes to an end, here in Guan in the
province of Hebei Tianditong has built
several huge production halls. “These
three production buildings provide
floor space totalling 12,000 square me-
ters,” Xiang’s brother Bang Xing Peng
explains. He is in charge of the entire
production business in Guan and adds
“this year construction will begin for an
additional production hall adding anoth-
er 12,000 square meters as well as an
administrative building featuring 8,000
square meters on three levels.” General
Manager Bang Xian Peng notes: “This is
an ideal location for doing business. We
are close enough to the metropolis of
Beijing while at the same time not far
from the port of Tianjin, which we could
use to ship our satellite antennas to all
corners of the globe.”
We are afforded a first-hand look at
all the top-notch machinery spread out
across the three production halls. The
fully automatic spray-painting system
draws most of our attention. Built by
Swiss company ITW Gema it is at the
heart of the new Tianditong facilities
and conforms to the strictest environ-
mental standards currently in place. “All
process water is recycled and any paint
residue is re-used,” Production Manag-
er Bang Xing Peng proudly states. Even
though smog is still a constant com-
panion in the Beijing region, Tianditong
shows a way out of this dilemma with its
clean production process that gives full
consideration to the environment.
Yet, this is only one argument Tian-
ditong has going for itself. Equally im-
portant is the extraordinary quality that
can be achieved thanks to the compa-
ny’s ultra-modern equipment. Not only
are almost all production steps com-
pleted automatically, they are also con-
stantly monitored. Need an example?
Right after a satellite dish is pressed
into shape its exact measurements are
thoroughly checked, and right after the
paint job a fully automatic quality check
takes place. “We only use the best paint
material available,” Production Manager
Bang Xing Peng reveals. “All our paint
is sourced from an American company
which has its local production close by.”
All consumer antennas are produced
at the Guan site. The range starts with
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