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07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. The receptionist gives all visitors to Tianditong a very friendly
2. Meet Leo Kang. He is the head of the Tianditong Sales team.
3. The Sales team at Tianditong is responsible for smooth order
processing for Chinese customers. Up until now the Chinese market has
been the only market for the company. This is set to change, and the
Sales team will soon be enlarged to be ready for handling enquiries and
orders from overseas as well.
45 cm offset antennas and goes all the
way up to 1.8 m PFA segment dishes.
Tianditong produces three product
categories: ground satellite antennas,
shipborne antennas and car antennas.
“In the past we only offered our an-
tennas to the local Chinese market,”
General Manager Bang Xian Peng gives
some strategic information. “This new
production facility, however, will allow
us to supply our products on a global
scale.” There’s no doubt about it: Tian-
ditong dishes come with top quality and
with the company’s increased produc-
tion capacity bulk buyers outside China
can look forward to very sweet deals.
Even cold numbers prove that the two
brothers are spot on with their com-
pany strategy: “In 2010 we were able
to generate sales totalling 80 million
RMB (roughly 12 million USD), in 2011
this figure had increased to 100 mil-
lion RMB (roughly 16 million USD) and
in 2012 to 200 million RMB (roughly
32 million USD).” Naturally, we wanted
to find out the target for 2013 as well,
and – as expected – the answer turned
out to be just as optimistic: “300 mil-
lion RMB,” which equates to roughly 50
million USD. Those are giant leaps for a
company that will celebrate its 10th an-
niversary in 2014.
In the course of only a few years, the
two brothers have succeeded in estab-
lishing an impressive company that is
in the process of embarking on a global
sales drive. “By the way, we are also
hugely interested in built-to-order busi-
ness,” Bang Xian Peng hastens to add,
“and we can easily and quickly adapt
our machines to the requirements of
volume customers.”
In a nutshell, Tianditong has every-
thing at its hands for continued growth:
state-of-the-art technical equipment, a
convenient location for serving export
markets, and extensive experience in
the field of satellite dish production. The
sky is the limit on the way up to the top.
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