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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
Linux operating system. The
two built-in tuners support
DVB-S2 in both the QPSK
and 8PSK modulations mak-
ing the box perfect for HDTV
reception via satellite.
And it‘s on this hardware
framework that the pre-in-
stalled TBS software builds
on. It includes a simple TBS-
designed web interface with
which the configuration of
the network interface and
the date/time is taken care
of. In the background the
freely available TVHeadend
software is doing its job. It
was only thanks to this that
the Streaming Box MOI could
even become a DVB-S2 sat-
ellite receiver.
The box comes delivered
from Tenow with a preset
IP address. Once this IP ad-
dress is entered into a web
browser with the box con-
nected to a network, you‘ll
then have access to the web
server installed in the box al-
lowing you to modify the IP
data as necessary. You can
set the box to automatically
receive the IP address from
a router via DHCP or you can
select the IP address manu-
We recommend the latter;
it makes the future configu-
ration and setup of the box
easier. Once the Streaming
Box MOI is working with an
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