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— 07-08/2013
a rich assortment of settings
capabilities and a diverse
menu structure.
The TVHeadend is totally
controlled via the web inter-
face and has a completely
new and unique operating
concept that certainly has
some advantages. Before
the software can even be-
gin to do its job, the correct
parameters for satellite re-
ception must first be defined
in the basic settings menu.
Since the Streaming Box
MOI works with two sepa-
rate tuners, this task must
be done for each of the two
individual tuners. Unfortu-
nately, the lack of a looped-
through output for at least
Tuner #1 means that the
box must operate with two
independent satellite signal
cables since a loop through
from Tuner #1 to Tuner #2 is
not possible.
There is a satellite list that
tells the Streaming Box MOI
what can be received with
this equipment, although,
the information it contains
is not all that up to date.
Critical entries such as the
BADR satellites at 26° east
are missing. According to
the manufacturer, the DiSE-
qC protocols 1.0 and 1.1 are
supported but there didn‘t
seem to be any plans to in-
clude motor control. Config-
uring the LNB parameters
such as the LOF was rather
difficult. In the end though it
could be done so that even
C-band signals could be re-
As soon as new entries
were added to the TVHead-
end software‘s transponder
list, the software started
an automatic channel scan.
This task is handled in the
background so that the sec-
ond tuner can be used for si-
multaneous TV reception or
recording. And it‘s here that
the Streaming Box MOI is a
21. Control of the TVHeadend
Software via the Xbox
Mediacenter is realized through
an Add-on
22. To link the two programs,
simply enter the Streaming Box
MOI's IP address into the Xbox
Mediacenter; the rest takes care
of itself automatically
23. The Xbox Mediacenter's
EPG. The necessary data
comes from the TVHeadend
24. After the TVHeadend
Add-on is activated, the menu
heading "Live TV" appears in
the Xbox Mediacenter
25. The Xbox Mediacenter's
channel list
26. Timer entries can be entered
via the EPG or manually
27. After a channel change,
the video is always shown in a
minimized window. The channel
list is removed with the push of
a button thus making room for
full-screen mode
28. EPG data, if available, is
also shown directly in the
channel list
29. What's currently being
shown by the various channels
in the list?
30. PVR recordings are stored
directly in the Streaming Box
MOI and are accessible from all
31. The main menu can be
blended in on top of the
currently running program
32. An Info box on the lower
right side provides the user
with continuous information
and status updates
33. The Xbox Mediacenter can
directly shut down the PC or
laptop or place it in standby
34. HD channels can also
be transferred between the
Streaming Center MOI and
the Xbox Mediacenter via the
35. As expected with HD,
picture quality is excellent
step ahead of an ordinary
satellite receiver: since the
channel scan takes place in
the background, the time
needed for this scan is re-
ally not all that relevant and
shouldn‘t be bothersome
at all even though our test
scan of HOTBIRD at 13° east
needed a full 15 minutes to
complete. After the TVHead-
end software has read in all
of the channels of a satellite,
they don‘t automatically get
added to the channel list.
They would only be added
when the user marks all of
the desired channels and
manually transfers them to
the channel list.
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