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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
36. OSD Teletext Decoder
37. Video settings directly in
the Xbox Mediacenter
38. Playback of a previously
recorded HD program
39. Editing a timer entry
40. The channel list can
be edited either via the
TVHeadend's web interface
or directly in the Xbox
This concept offers the
great advantage of creating
a channel list where truly
all of the channels in the list
are channels that will actu-
ally be watched and when
needed are quickly available
to the user. Even editing or
modifying the channel list
via the practical web inter-
face is a joy. With just a few
mouse clicks channels can
be added, deleted, moved or
We also want to highlight
practical functions such as
the automatic EPG down-
load. Here, at specific times,
the software will download
the latest EPG data for every
channel in the channel list
as long as there‘s no active
recording taking place and
the Streaming Box MOI is
not in use. In this way the
EPG data will be available
at a later time without any
delay during normal every-
day use. We also liked that
the TVHeadend software can
also receive IPTV content; a
test with a local UPD stream
worked perfectly.
We would also like to high-
light the complex user man-
agement in which individual
channels and functions for
one or more users can easily
be activated or deactivated.
Then there‘s PVR features
that in addition to all of the
classic functions also include
fast-forward and rewind plus
programming new record-
ings using the EPG data with
a practical keyword search.
But let‘s get to the Stream-
ing Box MOI‘s highlight. How
does it receive a stream?
For this purpose Tenow rec-
ommends the Xbox Media-
center. This is GPL software
(General Public License) that
is available for MS Windows,
Apple Mac OS X, Linux, iOS,
Android, Raspberry Pi as
well as Apple TV.
The Xbox Mediacenter is
conceived as a classic media
center that, in addition to
the ability to play back aux-
dio and video files, also sup-
ports Live TV reception via
the TVHeadend software.
Before using this function
for the first time, it must be
activated in the Xbox Me-
diacenter‘s basic settings.
The Streaming Box MOI‘s
instruction manual is a great
help here. Once activated,
the Main Menu heading „Live
TV“ instantly appears pro-
viding access to all the avail-
able TV and radio channels
via TVHeadend.
The communication be-
tween the Xbox Mediacenter
and the TVHeadend soft-
ware now takes place fully
automatically; without any
interaction by the user. This
togetherness provides the
user all the features that
he‘d expect from an ordi-
nary satellite receiver, such
as, an EPG display in various
formats, an Info bar with
data on the current program
as well as typical PVR func-
We were especially im-
pressed with the exception-
ally fast channel switching
time of just under one sec-
ond. We tested the Xbox Me-
diacenter on both a Windows
PC and a Macbook using
Apple‘s own OS X operating
system. We were quite hap-
py with the results in both
The Xbox Mediacenter
displays the same user in-
terface regardless of which
operating system is running
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