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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
the α+, or users can decide
to use their PC for downloads
and a USB memory stick for
updating the receiver.
An OTA function for this is
called “FTA Downloading”:
Pushing the “Download”
button in main menu gives
several choices as “latest
Version of SW”, “FreeTV+
contents”, “Channel data”
and so on.
Another new feature,
which was not yet available
at the time of our test, is “Air
TiVi+”. This is a very unique
and powerful function that
allows streaming to an iPad
or iPhone. This app is avail-
able from the Apple App
store; an Android version is
also available.
We’ve been waiting for
truly smart integration of all
digital reception modes in a
single device for a long time,
and the α+ from Tiviar clear-
ly proves that it’s a recipe for
success. A lot of brainpower
has gone into designing all
features and functions and
into creating a smart-look-
ing and easy-to-use graphic
interface. All we can say is:
mission accomplished!
69. Weather forecast
70. Software update via the
71. PIP mode
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