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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
put signal resolution and the
capability to select various
display modes in the 4:3 and
16:9 formats.
We really appreciated
the extremely fast channel
switching times of less than
one second. And let‘s not
forget the PVR features: we
could easily record two HD
channels at the same time
while a third channel could
be watched live.
All of the channels that
could not be received while
a recording was taking place
were conveniently removed
from the channel list. The
Timer function is also ready
to go to work; when acti-
vated it stores the currently
viewed program in one of
the very large freely selecta-
ble caches.
After the tuner was able to
prove itself during channel
scans, we wanted to see how
it would perform with weak-
er and narrow-band signals.
34. Language selection
35. The user can use the OSD keyboard to search for one or more
36. During an active recording, channels that can't be received are
removed from the channel list
37. Two channels can be recorded at the same time
38. Display of previously recorded programs
39. A satellite's transponder list is checked for new entries in
Blindscan mode
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