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07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
sky vision recently extend-
ed its range of satellite prod-
ucts with high quality LNBs
made by HUMAX. We wanted
to know: are these LNBs re-
ally as good as claimed by
sky vision? No better way to
find out than putting them to
a real life test.
sky vision offers all LNB
variants: LNB with 1, 2 or
4 outputs up to multiswitch
variants with 4 and even 8
outputs. Additionally you’ll
find SCR One-Cable LNB and
even Monoblock LNB with
3° and 6° (the latter mostly
used for the popular Euro-
pean satellites ASTRA and
HOTBIRD), available not only
with 1 or 2 outputs (Twin)
but even with 4. We picked 3
variants out of this huge col-
lection for our test: a single,
quad and a 6° monoblock
universal, all for Ku-Band.
Each version is available ei-
ther in a carton box package
or in a blister. If a model is
packed in a blister, it has the
suffix B added after its model
number. For example: LNB
113 is a single LNB packed in
a carton box and LNB 113B is
exactly the same product but
packed in a blister. All prod-
ucts are sold with a confident
5 year guarantee and - we
like that!
Workmanship of all prod-
ucts leaves nothing to be
desired, all plastic parts of
the enclosures are perfectly
matched and even the F con-
nectors are gold plated. The
single LNBs and monoblock
LNBs are shipped with rubber
sky vision HUMAX Gold
LNB 112, LNB 143 & LNB 212
Extremely Good and
High Powered
TELE-audiovision Test
Editor Jacek Pawlowski
tests the new LNB series by
HUMAX, distribued by sky
vision from Germany
1...,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78 80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,...260
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