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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
Internet Streaming Box
An Unusually Designed
Streaming Box
When you see it for the
first time you’ll quickly rec-
ognize that the Streaming
Player Boxee is not your
typical everyday product,
instead its exterior leaves
behind a lasting impression
with every user. It measures
11.5 x 11.5 cm with a maxi-
mum height of just about
13cm. Maximum, because
the Boxee is constructed in
such a way that from the
front it has no symmetrical
edges and doesn’t have any
familiar geometrical pattern.
If you didn’t know any bet-
ter, you’d think that this was
the work of a bunch of kids.
Nevertheless, the design of
the Boxee is quite striking
and is the focal point of any
TV setup.
The manufacturer incor-
porated an SD/MMC card
reader on the side of the
Boxee; we found this rather
practical in that this loca-
tion doesn’t interfere with
the front view and yet is still
easy to reach.
The rear panel is very
nicely equipped and comes
with every conceivable input
and output. This includes
an RJ-45 network port, an
HDMI output, an optical digi-
tal audio output, a compos-
ite audio output in the form
of RCA jacks, two USB ports
as well as a jack to connect
the external 12V power sup-
We were impressed with
the workmanship of the re-
ceiver and considering its
size, it‘s weight of 720g
(1.6Lbs) is quite imposing.
Contrary to other stream-
ing players, its size and
weight prevent you from
slipping this box into your
pocket and taking it to other
One button on the top of
the box turns the box on and
off whereby momentarily
pressing this button turns
the receiver on and hold-
ing down this button a lit-
tle longer turns it off. The
included remote control is
divided into a top side and
an underside. While the top
side only has seven but-
tons, the underside has a
complete keyboard with a
total of 38 buttons. Now,
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