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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
if you‘re thinking right now
that you might be acciden-
tally pressing the buttons
on the underside quite of-
ten, you would be mistaken;
thanks to the remote con-
trol‘s slightly curved shape,
this turned out, to our great
surprise, not to be the case.
While the box is running,
the Boxee logo with lettering
appears on the front side of
the box thus making it look
very classy. Its illumination
is dimmed through the black
plastic glass so that it is not
overpowering. Overall, a
very positive initial impres-
Before using the receiver
for the first time, the user
needs to connect it to the
home network/Internet; the
box can‘t do much until this
task is taken care of first.
Since the Boxee supports
WiFi it immediately starts
searching for a wireless net-
work. If needed the Boxee
can also be switched into
wired Ethernet mode.
Thanks to manual SSID
entry, the box can also be
1. Boxee's Main menu
2. WiFi networks are
automatically recognized
3. The automatic software
update guarantees that you
always have the latest software
installed in the Boxee
4. The video signal output can
be perfectly matched to your
5. You either set up a new user
account or use your Facebook
6. Weather forecast
7. Adjusting the output
8. Several picture resolution
and Overscan options are
9. OSD keyboard fonts can
easily be added
10. During the sorting of music
files and videos, articles can be
ignored if desired
11. The Boxee can handle
nearly all the available network
12. A variety of settings for the
optical digital audio output
13. Boxee's Main menu
14. Network settings
15. Watch Later function
connected to hidden WiFi
networks and its full support
of all the standard encryp-
tion systems (WEP, WPA,
WPA2) takes care of the nec-
essary security.
We definitely liked the next
step, namely the required
software update. Within two
minutes the update via our
broadband DSL link was tak-
en care of and after a quick
restart, the new software
was ready to be used.
Depending on the TV be-
ing used and the type of
signal connection, it may be
necessary to adjust the im-
age signal output and orien-
tation to match the existing
hardware. For this purpose
the Boxee automatically
activates an assistant that
helps to match the output
video to the existing TV or
In the next step the Boxee
asks you to set up a user
account or, if you already
have an account, to log in.
We liked the idea that in ad-
dition to the classic method
of registering using a user
name, password and e-mail
address, you can also use
your own Facebook account
for registration.
After a quick push of a
button on the remote con-
trol and entering in your Fa-
cebook user data via the in-
tegrated keyboard, the box
is personalized and ready to
Doing it this way also saves
a little time in the next and
second-to-last setup steps.
The Boxee only asks you for
Facebook, Twitter and Tum-
blr user data as long as you
have an account with these
services. This will let you not
only use these Boxee func-
tions by yourself, but also
with all of your social net-
working friends.
As a final installation step,
the box asks you if you want
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