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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
contain can easily be se-
The submenu Media lets
the user select the primary
audio for videos and also
customize the subtitle dis-
play (size, language and
color). The manufacturer
even thought about a small
detail, one that always ir-
ritated us in other devices:
the listing of articles with the
alphabetical sorting of mu-
sic files or videos. This has
earned high praise from us
and provides for the user a
nicely organized media list.
It gets more exciting in
the File Sources menu. Here
the local sources are set up
that will dictate from where
the box will access multime-
dia content. Choices include
AFP (Apple Filing Protocol),
the Boxee Media Manager,
NFS (Network File System),
UPnP (Universal Plug and
Play), SMB (Windows Net-
work) and Local.
Regardless of whether you
make available your multi-
media content on your MS
Windows PC (SMB), have
your content running on a
Linux PC (NFS), utilize for
example a UPnP compatible
satellite receiver that makes
available all of your recorded
content, or if you want to be
able to access your content
on a MAC machine (AFP),
the Boxee offers the corre-
sponding transfer protocols
for all of these applications.
We had no problems in
our tests setting up net-
work connections using all
of these standards. At the
same time we were also able
to select how often the Box-
ee should look for content
and what kind (music, video
or pictures) it should be. If
you want to have absolutely
nothing to do with network
protocols, you can download
for free the Boxee Media
Manager from the manufac-
21. Setting up VPN connections
is also supported
22. Thanks to the integrated
parental controls, inappropriate
content for children can be
hidden from view with the push
of one button on the remote
23. Thanks to access to
social networks, the Boxee
automatically searches in the
background for videos that
were uploaded to the network
by my friends
24. The Watch Later function
makes it easy to watch video
clips on a TV that were
previously marked on an iPad or
25. The web browser worked
perfectly in our tests and
thanks to the keyboard on the
back of the remote control, it
makes for a real alternative to a
PC or Smartphone
26. Entering a web address
27. The web browser lets you
post status updates easily to
Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
28. The web browsers Favorites
29. AirPlay playback of an HD
video from an iPad via the
30. Thanks to the Watch Later
Bookmarklet, video clips from
YouTube, Vimeo, etc. can easily
be sent to the Boxee
31. App overview of the Boxee.
The inappropriate content is
staring you right in the face on
the very first page
32. CBS8 News from Los
33. Delicious recipes invite you
to try them out yourself
34. The recipes are presented
as entertaining video clips
35. M4A music playback
turer‘s website. In this user-
friendly PC or MAC tool you
simply select all of the direc-
tories with the desired con-
tent, such as music, videos
or pictures, and before you
know it they are all accessi-
ble on the Boxee.
The Network settings are
also quite extensive. In ad-
dition to the usual suspects,
like DHCP, manual IP entry
as well as the various WiFi
options, the Boxee also has
settings for Proxy server
and VPN. These two options
make it possible to bypass IP
A quick search in the In-
ternet reveals a wide assort-
ment of mostly paid servers
for this purpose and thanks
1...,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97 99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,...260
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