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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
as to how the system would
cope with HD channels – and
we were delighted when we
were shown HD content even
before the initial countdown
had reached 0.
A word of caution: We
found out during our thor-
ough test that HD chan-
nels put considerable strain
on the WiFi connection,
which means that they work
smoothly only if the network
is in mint condition. Move
away too far from the router
and you’ll soon experience
signal drops. With SD con-
tent, on the other hand, we
never had a problem.
Each of the three Tiviar
tuners can be chosen to pro-
vide its signal to the app,
with the two other tuners re-
maining available for record-
ings or live viewing with the
receiver itself.
It is even possible to re-
cord two different channels
with the receiver and use the
third tuner for watching TV
with the app. And not only is
this possible in theory, it also
works flawlessly in practice.
One aspect we noticed and
which to us didn’t make a lot
of sense is that the channel
order in the app is different
from the channel list on the
receiver. And by the way,
streaming only works if the
selected channel is available
right away. In other words,
users of a DiSEqC motorised
antenna, whose system may
take some time until the re-
quired antenna position is
reached, can use the app
only for channels on the cur-
rently received satellite at
this stage.
In summary, the general
concept and design of the
new Air Tivi+ app did not fail
to impress us and once the
remaining bugs are elimi-
nated, it will offer a vast
enhancement to the Tiviar
11. List of timer entries shown
on the iPhone
12. Virtual remote control on
the iPhone – page 1
13. Virtual remote control on
the iPhone – page 2
14. Virtual remote control on
the iPhone – page 3
15. Channel list with live TV on
the iPhone
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