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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
100 complete systems each year. “The
pinnacle of our success was in the year
2007. At that time between 300 and
400 satellite systems went over our
counter,” partner Sigurour Gunnarsson
remembers. It was a time when Öreind
could even afford two extra employees
to meet high demand. “Today we sell
some 150 satellite system per year.”
The Öreind storage is filled to the
brim with installation material, satel-
lite dishes and terrestrial antennas.
“We generate approximately 40% of
our turnover with satellite components,
10% with terrestrial antennas and 20%
with repair work.”
What about the remaining 30%? This
is the part both partners consider par-
ticularly important for the future of
their business. “We offer installation
material and components for IPTV.”
While Baldur and Sigurour expect digi-
tal terrestrial TV business to pick up
again with the introduction of DVB-T2
in Iceland, they both see the future of
Öreind in IPTV.
Nonetheless, satellite reception will
always remain a major pillar of Öreind.
“Here in Iceland the most popular orbit-
al position is ASTRA 28.2°E and even a
relatively small 85 cm dish will provide
reasonably reliable reception.” You will
hardly meet an Icelander who does not
speak English, so the UK channels on
ASTRA 28.2°E are watched by many.
“Those of us with an unobstructed view
can receive signals from all positions
between 42°E and 30°W,” Sigurour
Gunnarsson explains the local situation
in Iceland.
Like so many small businesses,
Öreind has experienced many ups and
downs in its 25 years of existence, but
there’s not a single challenge the two
Icelanders haven’t mastered success-
fully. With their new focus on IPTV,
many new chapters will be written for
Sigurour Gunnarsson
is the other founder and
partner of Öreind and
mainly looks after the
repair business.
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