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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
Satellite Television
Providing Information for Earthquake Victims
Picture this: A devastating earthquake
has not only taken the lives of countless
people, but has also destroyed much of
the existing infrastructure. All commu-
nication channels relying on cables are
dead, and power outages are the rule
rather than the exception. Yet, this is
a time when those affected are in need
for information and coordination – how
should they deal with the situation, and
where can they turn to for help?
Those scenes may sound like straight
out of a disaster movie, but this is exact-
ly what happened twice in recent years
to residents of the Sichuan region in
China. The first terrible quake occurred
on 12 May 2008, had a magnitude of 10,
and caused more than 20,000 deaths
near the city of Wen Chuan. A similarly
catastrophic earthquake happened only
very recently, on 20 April 2013 in the
city of Ya An, which is also located in the
province of Sichuan.
In both cases Changhong offered help
and assistance immediately. The com-
pany is one of the largest manufactur-
ers of TV panels and satellite receivers
and provided complete satellite sets to
those that were hit hardest. But Chang-
hong did not stop there. According to
a company spokesperson “Changhong
organised an immediate response team
right on the night of the big earthquake
in 2008. The group set off to the city of
Bei Chuan right away, a place that was
almost entirely destroyed. Food, wa-
ter and tents were supplied by Chang-
hong.” Almost all schools in the area
were destroyed as well, which is why
Changhong converted its own training
centre into a makeshift school, so that
kids were able to continue their school
education in the weeks and months that
followed. “Changhong supplied clothing
and food to school students and even
Emergency Relief
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