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Barueri, SP
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
Seven Uplink Dishes
and Many, Many
Reception Antennas
Satellite TV uplink operator
Speedcast can be found in this
modern office complex in Barueri
near Sao Paulo
Modern and very organized is the im-
pression you get from the Speedcast up-
link station in Barueri west of Sao Paulo.
With seven large dishes (we’ll talk more
about them later) and numerous other
smaller and larger dishes used just for
reception, Speedcast is one of the larg-
est in Brazil. The company’s customers
include among others the TV channels
Rede TV and SBT.
Speedcast is particularly proud of be-
ing the first company to uplink an HDTV
signal in Brazil – that was 2008 for Rede
TV and TV Bandeirantes.
Henrique Antonini is one
of the broadcast techni-
cians at Speedcast and tells
us more about the company:
“Speedcast was founded in 2003
by Alfonso Aurin and Luciano Es-
teves.” Both of them are engineers
and Alfonso Aurin was for many years
Technical Manager at SBT, a TV channel
that was founded in 1981 whose head-
quarters is located in Oscasco, the next
town over from Barueri. But the initial
Satellite Uplink Speedcast, Barueri, SP, Brazil
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