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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
fun to do this but it also gives
you a feel of how easy it will
be to work with the unit.
But this time it was differ-
ent: I was speechless when
I first saw the S7000. This
unbelievable analyzer can
not only handle your typi-
cal measurements like those
you‘d find in higher-end pro-
fessional units, it also in-
tegrates a complete trans-
port stream analyzer that
provides information on the
entire contents of a received
transponder. All of the pa-
rameters can be displayed -
this type of detail was previ-
ously only available on a PC
with specialized software.
But that‘s not all. Do you
remember the TELE-audiovi-
sion issues from 12-01/2012
and 02-03/2012? In those
issues I described my idea
of implementing a waterfall
diagram to continuously dis-
play the spectrum for satel-
lite signal analyzers. This
makes it possible to display
the spectrum over a speci-
fied time period so that, for
example, intermittent errors
could be identified. It also
makes it much easier to align
antennas, especially motor-
ized dishes. Suffice it to say
that it‘s thrilling to find this
function in the S7000.
It also comes as no sur-
prise that measurements
like Echo, Barscan, skew,
constellation diagrams, real-
time spectrum analysis, etc.,
are available in this super
analyzer. Using the S7000
is child‘s play and the user
manual was only needed oc-
casionally to make sure that
none of its functions were
Another surprise in these
tests came from the included
CD. The software on this CD
not only allowed the com-
fortable administration of
the channel and transponder
lists, logger files and screen-
shots, but we discovered
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