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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
services provided by Speedcast in 2003
were not TV uplinks, it was VSAT ser-
vices. That radically changed in 2005:
Speedcast completely eliminated VSAT
and switched entirely over to TV uplink.
“The first uplink dish was our 9.0-me-
ter antenna that is still in operation to-
day.” Additional dishes followed soon
after that; a 7.3-meter dish was erected
and over the years four more 3.6-meter
uplink antennas and one at 4.5-meters
were placed into service. All of these up-
link dishes are used not only for regular
TV channels, but also for Business TV.
Their most prominent customer is Volk-
swagen; they regularly keep their em-
ployees informed at specific times. “We
even have our own small studio here in
which these Business TV programs are
produced.” Other Business TV custom-
ers include NCR, PanAmerican Bank,
Johnson Batteries and the Business TV
service TV Oficina Brasil.
In 2007 Speedcast went into coopera-
tion with EUTELSAT. Since then Speed-
cast has been operating EUTELSAT’s
monitoring station for South America.
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