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09-10/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
that the entire signal ana-
lyzer could be completely
remotely controlled. This
makes it possible to remote-
ly diagnose problems. You
simply place the analyzer at
the customer site and access
it via the internet. Or you
could climb on the roof with
your mobile phone while the
analyzer stays in the living
room. The Deviser S7000 is
overwhelming. Thus far we
have never had the opportu-
nity to test such a complete
and feature-rich signal ana-
Since a full encompassing
test report of this unbeliev-
able signal analyzer would
be much longer than normal,
this report is divided into two
parts. The first part presents
a detailed introduction to the
Deviser S7000’s wide range
of functions. In the next is-
sue of TELE-satellite we will
report on our actual test re-
sults where we thoroughly
tested the S7000 to our sat-
Deviser was founded in
1990 and is located in Tianjin
in northeastern China, not
too far from Beijing. Deviser
develops signal analyzers for
TV and radio and is China’s
leader in this segment. De-
viser is on the way to becom-
ing an international force as
well. Deviser is the first Chi-
nese signal analyzer manu-
facturer to receive ISO9001
certification. Deviser first ap-
peared in TELE-audiovision
in the 06-07/2011 issue and
then again recently in the
07-08/2013 issue after they
moved into their brand new
production and office facility.
The Deviser TV Analyzer
S7000 reached our test cent-
er packed in a cardboard box
in which the actual product
package was packed. Inside
we found the sufficiently pro-
tected S7000 in a soft carry-
ing case made out of durable
nylon. A removable box con-
tained the following acces-
• Charger (12V/5A)
• 12V car charger
• Carrying case replace-
ment strap
• Two “F” adapters (male-
• GPS antenna with USB
• Mini CD with user manu-
al in PDF format and control
• Guarantee card
The analyzer’s TFT screen
is surprisingly large with a
diagonal measurement of 7
inches. Its size is similar to
that of Android tablets. The
analyzer is relatively light-
weight and thanks to its rub-
ber jacket it can be securely
held in your hands. At 3.4 Kg
(7.5 Lbs), longer workdays
are possible with the S7000.
The carrying case is very
handy. Unlike other analyz-
ers, you won’t have the urge
to remove the case since,
despite providing protec-
tion for the analyzer, it still
allows access to all of the
unit’s buttons. Also practi-
cal is the ability to open the
case upwards into three seg-
ments. By folding the three
segments into a triangle, it
makes it easy to place the
analyzer in an inclined po-
sition on a table thus sim-
plifying its use, especially if
you’re used to using analyz-
ers that could only be laid flat
on the table or placed stand-
ing fully upright. In either
case the analyzer would be
hard to use and the screen
could not easily be viewed.
So, a serious plus to Deviser
for coming up with the idea
to place the analyzer in an
inclined position.
The front side of the S7000
pays tribute to Deviser’s
many years of experience
with professional signal ana-
lyzers. And it’s the ergonom-
ics that stand out here in the
foreground; sure enough,
you’ll find your way around
very quickly. The already
mentioned 7” TFT screen
has a resolution of 800x480
pixels and is large enough to
clearly display all informa-
tion. The days of switching
between different low-res-
olution screens just to view
all of the important param-
eters are over. To the left of
the centrally located screen
is a button to turn the unit
on and off. Below this button
are three LEDs that show the
status of the rechargeable
battery: battery is charging,
analyzer is switched on/off
and battery is discharged.
To the right of the screen
are six function buttons. The
function of these buttons is
shown in the correspond-
ing spot on the screen next
to these buttons and varies
depending on what menu
screen is currently active.
Under the screen are an
additional three groups of
buttons: the group to the left
consists of six function but-
tons that can be accessed
at any time (TV, HOME, EX-
and SAVE), the central group
consists of an alphanumeric
keypad for frequency and
text entry using 12 but-
1...,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,...260
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