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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
tons and lastly the right-side
group of buttons includes
arrow buttons plus an OK
button for confirmation and
ESC and TAB buttons. The
relatively large number of
buttons actually simplifies
operation in that most of
the buttons only have a sin-
gle function. There’s no un-
necessary switching to go
through like there would be
with multi-function buttons.
Aside from that, we definitely
approve the ability to enter
frequencies directly.
On the top side of the
S7000 is the HF input in the
form of an “F” connector.
Two male-male “F” adapt-
ers are included in the pack-
age. Of course, other types
of connectors can be used
such as the type needed for
a typical CATV antenna jack.
Unfortunately, the required
connector adapters are not
included as accessories with
the S7000 although any
practicing technician would
already have these adapters.
On the left side of the an-
alyzer is the outlet for the
cooling fan and the carry-
ing case has a mesh cutout
in the same location so that
the analyzer can also be op-
erated and even recharged
in its carrying case without
giving it a second thought.
These details are evidence of
Deviser’s attention to detail.
Additional connections can
be found on the right side of
the analyzer: a USB port for
the GPS antenna and USB
storage device, an RJ-45
port as well as a connection
for the power supply. Further
up is the HDMI jack so that
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