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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
the display can also be rout-
ed to an external monitor;
this could be useful, for ex-
ample, in a training environ-
ment. The carrying case has
the necessary Velcro flaps to
cover the inputs.
The rechargeable battery
can be swapped out by the
user and can be accessed
from the rear panel. There’s
also another highlight of
this professional analyzer:
an ASI input and output.
It’s very unusual yet excel-
lent for measuring real pro-
fessional systems. There’s
even a Common Interface
(CI) available and with the
proper CAM even encrypted
channels can be analyzed.
The built-in speaker is also
mounted on the rear side.
The housing on the front
is made out of light plastic
although it certainly doesn’t
have a cheap feel to it; on
the contrary, the analyzer
is extremely solid and firm.
The housing doesn’t warp
at all when it is squeezed;
the sides and bottom of the
analyzer are metallic. A light
blue rubber cover protects
it from accidental bumps
and also if it should fall to
the floor. Throughout our
tests we really didn’t have
to worry about the S7000;
we could focus on our work
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