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Vitor Martins
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Deviser S7000
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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
Professional Analyzer for analogue, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/
T2/H, ATSC and DTMB Signals
Complete Transport Stream Analyser
MPEG2 & MPEG4 Decoder
Waterfall Diagram for Spectrum display
Advanced measurements like: Echo, MER vs. Carrier, Constel-
lation Diagram, etc.
Can record Transport Stream for offline analysis
Features ASI Input/Output
TELE-audiovision’s first report on signal analyzer manufactu-
rer Deviser appeared in the 06-07/2011 issue. After moving into a
completely new production and administration facility, a follow-up
report appeared in the 07-08/2013 issue.
without having to constantly
keep an eye on the analyzer.
After turning the S7000
on, it needs only 18 seconds
before it’s ready to be used.
The Main menu appears
from which you can switch
between SAT and CATV/ter-
restrial mode with the help
of the menu buttons on the
side. The IPTV option can
be added for an additional
charge whereby even IPTV in
a network could then also be
measured and analyzed. This
option was not available in
our test analyzer.
The S7000 comes shipped
with transponder lists from
numerous satellites as well
as the frequency tables for
cable and terrestrial TV.
Additionally, the analyzer
permits the administration of
various channel lists that are
created from an automatic
channel scan. They can also
be manually edited and man-
At this point it’s important
to point out that the S7000
can analyze a signal unusu-
ally fast and can automati-
cally set the correspond-
ing reception parameters.
In SAT mode you can very
quickly get used to driving to
the desired transponder and
directly take measurements
in a real-time spectrum. The
signal is correctly locked on
to within 1-3 seconds, even
with non-standard symbol-
rates. There’s no other ana-
lyzer known that can accom-
plish this as fast. Of course
DXers will be excited about
this since feeds can then be
found so much faster.
It’s not a coincidence
that the S7000 is labeled
TV Analyzer”. It actually
contains a complete tran-
sponder stream analyzer. It
can not only display MPEG2
and MPEG4 video with audio
(analog video and audio too),
it also shows a variety of pa-
rameters and PIDs. Added to
this are powerful functions
to fully analyze and measure
transport streams.
Up until now, these kinds
of functions have never
been found in analyzers in
this price class. Absolutely
ideal is the ability to store
the transponder stream on a
USB storage device so that it
can be analyzed more close-
ly or documented later on in
the office.
We can’t help but reveal
our opinion at this point: as
a passionate DXer, feedhunt-
ing is a piece of cake with
this analyzer! It has never
been so simple using a real-
time spectrum to select the
typical transponder peaks of
feeds (they’re much narrow-
er than normal transponders
and are also typically lower
in power) and then push the
TV button. In just seconds
the S7000 automatically
processes the reception pa-
rameters and simultaneously
makes it possible to com-
pletely analyze the received
So much for the Deviser
S7000’s introduction. It’s be-
come clear that this is no or-
dinary combination meter for
satellite, cable and terrestri-
al TV; it’s a complete TV ana-
lyzer that can perform every
conceivable measurement
and signal analysis and yet
is still small and lightweight,
has a high-resolution display
and can operate for up to five
hours on its own.
In part two of this report
in the next issue of TELE-
audiovision, we will present
the results of our tests.
The S7000 had to compete
against our TELE-audiovi-
sion upper-class reference
units to prove its measure-
ment accuracy. We will also
show how this analyzer can
be controlled via a network
from a PC and what tricks
came to mind. Just to whet
your appetite a little: the an-
alyzer passed our tests with
flying colors!
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