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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
53. In the submenu HUM the user
can select whether the line vol-
tage uses 50 or 60 Hz. The cor-
responding measurement can
therefore properly recognize and
display any hum.
54. Under LEVEL UNIT the desi-
red units can be selected for
signal level and power measure-
ments. The standard is dBµV alt-
hough measurements can also
be displayed in dBmV or dBm.
The S7000 can also offset the
measurements from -3.0 dB to
+3.0 dB so that comparisons can
be made with other analyzers.
you to add two additional com-
pensation values. The first field
lets you add a general dB value
that is then added to the mea-
sured signal. In the second field
an additional dB value can be
entered that is also added to
the signal; the intention here
is to compensate for the probe.
Only positive values can be
entered in both fields (0 dB to
40.0 dB). This is always useful
when, for example, different
cables or adapters with varying
attenuations are used between
the S7000 and the antenna jack.
In this way it‘s possible with
a table to compensate for the
attenuation in different cables.
Now the first field makes sense:
here you can enter the com-
pensation of the analyzer or
other passive/active elements
in the network (such as, mul-
tiswitches, amplifiers or filters)
to make sure that other instru-
ments will provide the exact
same measured values
56. Choosing the PID number
representation in the transport
stream analyzer. A decimal dis-
play is the more popular choice
with most users but others might
be more used to hexadecimal
format in that it has the advan-
tage that all bytes, regardless of
their value, have precisely two
57. Since the S7000 supports
both ATSC and DVB, the desi-
red mode can be selected in the
appropriate menu. This only
affects the transponder stream
analyzer which displays the
received stream. Sure enough,
there‘s very little you can do
wrong here; the S7000 proces-
ses the reception parameters
automatically, even if these were
predefined incorrectly.
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