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09-10/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
58. In the last submenu the cor-
rect analog signal standard
can be selected. All standards
are supported: PAL-BG, PAL-I,
SECAM-DK and SECAM-L, and,
of course, 50 or 60 Hz. There‘s no
doubt, no matter where you are
in the world, this analyzer can be
used to measure TV signals.
59. Another highlight: channel
lists can be created not only with
the editor that can be found on
the CD, but also directly here on
the analyzer.
60. Last but not least, there‘s
also a dedicated menu for con-
figuring the GPS antenna. If it‘s
active, the current position will
be displayed. If there‘s no GPS
antenna or if you want to enter
in another position, such as the
customer‘s location, this can be
done manually.
In the firmware of the analyzer
that we tested, the GPS antenna
is used to only show the current
position and to calculate the
azimuth, elevation and skew.
An upgrade to the firmware that
would allow the continuous
recording of measurement para-
meters together with the geogra-
phical position would be nice.
Such a recording of the recep-
tion parameters along with the
geographical position could be
used, for example, in conjunc-
tion with Google Maps to create
regional footprints of Single Fre-
quency Networks.
61. The Deviser S7000 is the
first combined TV analyzer that
features the waterfall diagram
to show the spectrum. In this
picture you can see the result
of rotating our motorized dish.
Notice the different satellites
and their transponders. Can you
guess the satellites? With a bit
of experience you will be able to
recognize the satellites.
62. Deviser not only implemen-
ted the waterfall diagram – they
seriously thought about it and
realized a combined spectrum
and waterfall display mode. This
is really useful, since the spect-
rum is in high resolution, while
the waterfall will keep track of
the spectrum over a period of
63. Here we were optimizing our
dish for the reception of exotic
satellites…notice how the recep-
tion level varies on the waterfall
diagram. After using this display
mode, you‘ll never go back to
anything else.
CATV and
TV Modus
64. If you switch to Cable and ter-
restrial TV mode from the Main
menu, two new symbols will
appear in place of the Sat Finder
and DiSEqC symbols for the
measurement of angular position
and Barscan.
65, 66, 67, 68. Based on the active
channel list, the analyzer auto-
matically selects CATV or ter-
restrial reception.
Once again the S7000 automa-
tically recognizes the recep-
tion parameters and in record
time. Just like in Sat mode, in
the upper part of the screen the
power, MER, CBER or VBER can
be enlarged and displayed with
bar graphs.
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