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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
82. With analog signals there are
of course additional measure-
ments possible, for example, the
signal-to-ratio. What’s unusual
is all of the information that can
be displayed at the same time
thanks to the high-resolution
screen. Even from a distance
you’d be able to read on a bar
graph the numerical values, for
example, for the signal level and
the signal-to-noise ratio while at
the same time, for example, the
channel number and frequency
are displayed.
83. The S7000 can also perform
hum measurements. This makes
it possible to measure the influ-
ence of hum that originates from
the power grid and are present
on analog channels. Naturally
you can choose in the configu-
ration menu whether the power
grid operates on 50Hz or 60Hz.
84. And another surprise: in
order to actually find every pos-
sible error, the analog video
lines can be presented in an
oscillator mode. In this way, for
example, problems in the blan-
king intervals that are critical for
picture synchronization can be
85. The spectrum mode when
used in CATV and terrestrial
modes has the capabilities to
position two markers whereby
the level offset is automatically
86. A peak-hold function is,
of course, also available. This
would be useful, for example,
when an amplifier needs to be
87. A preamplifier is integra-
ted into the Deviser S7000 and,
when necessary, can be activa-
88. Digital CATV channels can
also be measured and once
again the S7000 processes the
necessary reception parameters
in record time. It was surprising
that throughout the entire tes-
ting process it was not neces-
sary to use the Settings editor
to setup the channel lists ahead
of time.
89. With digital signals the
power and signal-to-noise ratio
is displayed in the measurement
screen. Thanks to the large
screen all of the critical measu-
rements and parameters such
as MER, Pre and Post BER and
frequency can all be viewed at
the same time.
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