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09-10/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
associated audio level is shown
in yellow. Digital channels are
shown in blue. Here too the
channels are arranged in incre-
asing frequency and once again
it’s obvious that there’s a pro-
blem on this antenna jack. The
digital channels to the right
clearly have a lower level than
the others.
97, 98. The Deviser S7000 sup-
ports all the standard CATV
modulators and can display the
constellation diagram without
any problems regardless if it’s
64QAM or 256QAM.
99, 100. The S7000 can perform
a channel scan for terrestrial
TV and CATV. The user can
choose if only analog channels,
digital channels or both should
be searched for. The threshold
values can be predefined in the
configuration menu.
101. For satellite mode the desi-
red satellite simply needs to
be selected from the list and
it’s even possible to enter new
satellites into the analyzer. The
preprogrammed satellite list
contains nearly every satellite
from around the world along
with their current transponders.
TELE-audiovision's Technical
Editor Vitor Martins Augusto
using the Deviser S7000
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