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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
Satellite and Terrestrial PVR Receiver
The Best of
Both Worlds
The IS1-19HD from MK-
Tech is a hybrid receiver.
It can receive both DVB-S2
satellite signals as well as
terrestrial channels. MK-
Tech configured the IS1-
19HD with an ISDB-T re-
ceiver section because of the
fast growing market in South
On the front panel of the
subtle housing you‘ll find a
very easy to read VFD dis-
play and right along side the
manufacturer incorporated a
total of seven buttons to con-
trol the receiver in case the
remote control goes missing
or its batteries die. Behind
a flap there‘s a card reader
that permits the reception
of encrypted channels. The
rear connector panel is nice-
ly equipped; there are DVB-
S2 and ISDB-T inputs that
each have looped-through
outputs, an HDMI output, six
RCA jacks for stereo audio,
CVBS and YUV outputs, a
network interface, a coaxial
S/PDIF output and a USB
2.0 port. Especially clever
and new to us in this form
is the removable frame for
an internal 2.5“ SATA hard
drive. It can be inserted and
removed without any tools;
simply push one button and
it pops right out. And let‘s
not forget the WiFi dongle
that the manufacturer also
included in the package. It
can be used to set up a wire-
less network connection with
the IS1-19HD.
The included remote con-
trol sits very nicely in your
hand and its slip-free sur-
face underneath guarantees
it won‘t slip easily out of your
MKTech IS1-19HD
Best equipped for satellite
and local TV reception
in South America
hand. The nicely arranged
and clearly labeled buttons
greatly simplify the use of
this receiver. All-in-all we
had nothing but praise for
the workmanship of the MK-
Tech IS1-19HD and the easy-
to-access removable hard
drive frame is an especially
nice feature.
The IS1-19HD does not
come with an installation as-
sistant; the user has to take
care of all the necessary set-
tings manually and deal with
all the various menu entries
on his own. But it turns out
that it‘s easier than it sounds;
the entire menu structure is
nicely organized and all the
menu entries are essentially
self-explanatory. Thanks to
the support of all the DiS-
EqC protocols (1.0, 1.1, 1.2
and 1.3), the IS1-19HD can
be used with any antenna
configuration. The prepro-
grammed as well as freely
selectable LOF values make
it easy to use this box any-
where in the world. MKTech
preprogrammed the receiver
with a total of 59 satellite
entries but, unfortunately,
these entries are not all that
up-to-date. Channel scan-
ning, on the other hand, is
definitely outstanding: Blind
scanning and normal chan-
nel scanning functioned very
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