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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
nicely in our tests. 1500 TV
and 520 radio channels were
discovered in just about four
minutes. We liked in Blind-
scan mode that the receiver
first identified all the active
frequencies (for which it
needed a little more than a
minute) and then compared
them with those in the pre-
programmed list. After that
it performed a channel scan.
In this way the transponder
list is consistently kept up to
date with every Blindscan.
In ISDB-T mode the user
can perform automatic and
manual channel scans. In
automatic mode, all of the
available frequencies will be
processed; in manual mode
the frequencies can be se-
lected and processed indi-
vidually. Both the ISDB-T
tuner and the DVB-S2 tuner
have excellent input signal
sensitivity and can easily
handle weaker signals. A
total of eight Favorites lists
are available for the quick
and easy recall of all of your
favorite channels and if
you don‘t want to take any
chances, you can store the
channel lists on an external
storage device so that in an
emergency you won‘t have
to redo all of that channel list
setup work again.
The automatic signal
matching feature worked
perfectly in our tests. While
our 42“ LCD TV could handle
resolutions up to 1080p, the
receiver correctly recognized
the maximum resolution of
our capture card to be 1080i
and automatically adjusted
the resolution to the proper
We shouldn‘t forget to
mention the „Volume per
Channel“ feature that can be
activated or deactivated in
the System Settings. With
it activated, the receiver au-
tomatically recognizes the
volume setting for each in-
dividual channel so that es-
pecially loud channels can be
set to a lower volume and,
vice versa, a significantly
quieter channel can be set to
a higher volume. In our tests
this feature proved itself to
be very practical especially
when surfing between chan-
nels from different regions
of the world that are often
broadcast with varying vol-
ume levels.
The Info bar that appears
with every channel change
shows the name of the cur-
rent program and the up-
coming program assuming
of course that the provider
supplies this information.
Since the IS1-19HD is a PVR
receiver, MKTech naturally
thought to include the ability
to set up timer recordings di-
rectly from the EPG with the
push of just one button. This
worked exceptionally well in
our tests even when setting
up repeated daily or weekly
Thanks to the clearly ar-
ranged channel list, surfing
between channels is actually
quite a bit of fun. And this is
only enhanced by the speedy
channel switching speed of
less than one second.
We appreciated the num-
ber of direct-select buttons
on the remote control, such
as, searching for a specific
1. The IS1-19HD's main menu
2. The Language menu also
contains the volume setting
for each channel "Volume per
3. Matching the video output
4. Child protection settings
5. USB and network settings
6. PVR settings
7. With the help of the USB
Tools, files and directories can
be created and edited
8. Hard wired network
9. Of course the DHCP protocol
is supported
10. Thanks to the included WiFi
dongle, the receiver can also
communicate wirelessly with a
11. Available WiFi networks
12. Manual IP entry
13. Additional features of the
14. Stock prices
15. RSS Reader
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