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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
networks. Manually entering
the SSID is not possible so
therefore the receiver can‘t
look for hidden WiFi net-
works. Once a connection
has been established with
the Internet, the user can
then check the local weath-
er forecast, access an RSS
reader, check stock prices,
view Google Maps, YouTube
as well as the online photo
services Yupoo, Picasa and
Flickr. There‘s also a large
assortment of entertaining
video games available for
39. ISDB-T channel scan
40. The IS1-19HD channel list
41. BAND HD from Chile via
42. Language selection
Overall we enjoyed us-
ing the MKTech IS1-19HD‘s
network features - all the
services were integrated by
the manufacturer in an ex-
emplary fashion; they were
all fully functional. We espe-
cially liked that they could all
be used very effectively via
the receiver and TV. Only in
that way will users actually
want to utilize them.
The combination of DVB-
S2 and ISDB-T tuners in
this receiver makes it a very
interesting choice for our
TELE-audiovision readers
in South America and we‘re
certain that the IS1-19HD
from MKTech will find many
fans in that part of the world.
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