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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
software. Only pre-defined
plans can be downloaded
without an option for creat-
ing a customised plan; how-
ever, customised plans can
be requested from Horizon
Our test PC runs with Win-
dows 8, so we’re happy to
confirm that both drivers and
software work smoothly with
the latest Microsoft operat-
ing system.
As the name implies, a full
scan goes through the cur-
rently selected channel plan
in its entirety, from A to Z,
or from Z to A by pushing the
LEFT/RIGHT buttons. With a
short scan it is possible to
look at specifically selected
frequencies of the current
channel plan, and a manual
scan allows users to chose a
single frequency from a fre-
quency selection with spec-
trum view. Both in full scan
mode and short scan mode
the HD-CM+ starts from the
lowest frequency and works
itself up to the highest fre-
quency of the plan. When-
ever an active frequency is
HD-CM+ installers will be
happy to find themselves
smack in the scan menu
which lets them select one of
three available scan modes:
full scan, short scan and
manual scan. Before we ex-
plain all three varieties and
make a selection for testing
purposes, we should men-
tion that the HD-CM+ signal
meter is capable of storing
up to 20 pre-defined channel
allocation plans in its inter-
nal memory. Those plans are
available for dozens of DVB-
C providers worldwide and
allow fast access to all active
frequencies of a given cable
In case no channel alloca-
tion plan is available for the
provider at hand you can al-
ways fall back on a standard
channel plan that includes all
UHF and VHF frequencies.
Channel allocation plans can
easily be selected for down-
load from the manufacturer’s
website at
com. All data will be pack-
aged into a ZIP file that can
be downloaded to a PC. All
that is left to do then is to
use the USB cable for con-
necting the meter to the PC.
All drivers that are required
to that end are also available
from the Horizon website.
File transfer worked flaw-
lessly during our test and
without any additional user
input, since the zipped chan-
nel allocation plans come
complete with all necessary
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