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Thomas Haring
Test Center
Horizon HD-CM+
DVB-C Meter
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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2013
we obtained for individual
Every time the Horizon
signal meter detects an ac-
tive frequency a touch of the
OK button will call up a con-
stellation diagram (for digital
signals), plus all measured
signal parameters can be
saved onto the meter’s in-
ternal memory.For DVB-C,
in particular, varying signal
levels and somewhat inclined
signal levels spread over
the entire frequency band
can create major problems.
These issues are mostly
caused by bad cabling, low-
budget splitters or signal
feed units that are not prop-
erly configured. In order to
address those issues, up to
five active frequencies can
be determined for a com-
parison measurement, with
their signal levels shown
side-by-side in a clearly pre-
sented overview. This way it
is child’s play to make all re-
quired signals adjustments.
Another benefit: If you mark
one of the five selected fre-
quencies the meter calcu-
lates and shows the signal
level difference between the
marked and the other four
We also appreciated the
spectrum view that is always
very helpful for professional
installers. The spectrum’s
bandwidth can be adjusted
right on the meter using the
control buttons, with the fol-
lowing pre-defined options
available: 8, 16, 32, 64,
128,256, 512 and 840 MHz.
Each frequency can con-
veniently be selected using
the left/right buttons and is
shown in the upper section of
the display, alternating with
the current bandwidth and
the measured RF signal level.
If you then need to analyse
the current frequency and
find out all additional param-
eters, all you need to do is
press the OK button.
The range of options and
functions of the HD-CM+ is
completed with a so-called
leakage test that allows quick
identification of unintended
signal loss or sources of in-
terference. In order to per-
form this test, installers have
to attach the antenna that is
shipped with the meter to the
signal input of the HD-CM+
and then select one of the
pre-set test frequencies. The
meter then initiates a par-
ticularly intense noise level
measurement whose results
are shown on the display ei-
ther as a grey bar (indicating
that the measurement result
is below the threshold and
– consequently – no faults
occurred) or as pronounced
signal level peaks (indicating
a problem somewhere along
the line). Obviously, we gave
this feature a thorough test
as well and can report that it
works brilliantly.
Amateur users are usu-
ally happy with an easy-to-
operate signal meter that
gives them quick results.
Professional installers, on
the other hand, take money
for their work and therefore
frequently require written
documentation for complet-
ed jobs. Once again, the HD-
CM+ delivers with its inter-
nal log function that can be
used to store all measured
signal parameters in the me-
ter’s internal memory. Free
software from the manufac-
turer’s website then allows
using those data in the CSV
format in MS Excel, for ex-
ample. Our test showed that
all values of the comparison
measurement could easily by
saved and imported into an
XLS chart. Last – but by no
means least – we should like
to mention the built in volt-
meter with a measurement
range from 0 to 110 V.
In summary, the Horizon
HD-CM+ turned out to be an
excellent DVB-C signal meter
during our test. To a large
extent, this is due its excel-
lent usability and smart user
interface. Added to that is a
display with wonderful read-
ability – something that al-
ways sets an installer’s heart
on fire. The comparison with
a reference meter demon-
strated that the measure-
ment results turned out to be
absolutely accurate.
Easy to use and clearly structured, a perfectly readable display,
a wide range of functions and accurate measurement results – all
this makes the HD-CM+ a top-notch signal meter. Thanks to its
capable battery pack, several included accessories and robust
build quality it is just the right companion for professional jobs.
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