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HDTV Satellite Receiver
A Satellite Receiver
with Many Excellent Features
Just because it’s a high
quality receiver doesn’t
mean it has to be big. Drag-
onsat wants to prove this
with their new DS-5500HD.
So, is it true? Well, that‘s
what we wanted to find out
so we put this new receiver
to the test.
After unpacking the box,
there was really nothing
that stood out visually. At
22 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm the DS-
5500HD is nice and small. It
should therefore easily find
its place in any TV cabinet
or living room wall unit. On
the front panel the manu-
facturer incorporated a
four-digit display and right
next to it a status LED as
well as three buttons for
receiver operation with-
out the remote control. If
you turn the Dragonsat re-
ceiver around, you’ll reveal
the tightly spaced connec-
tor panel. In addition to the
required connections, the
manufacturer also included
the CI slot and the internal
card reader on the back of
the box. The satellite signal
is fed into the Sat IF input.
Right alongside the input is
the looped-through output
Dragonsat DS-5500HD
Very fast satellite receiver
with fully integrated
Internet access
as well as an HDMI port, a
USB port, an RJ-45 network
interface, an S/PDIF output,
an RS232 interface and a
connection for the included
CVBS/Stereo audio adapter
cable. Power is supplied to
the DS-5500HD by an exter-
nal 12V power supply. This
allowed the manufacturer to
eliminate the extra space in
the receiver that would have
otherwise been needed for
an internal power supply.
The included remote con-
trol is somewhat narrow and
the buttons on the lower
portion are rather small.
Overall though, the quality
of the receiver and remote
control left us with a very
positive impression as did
the included user manual.
As has become standard
with nearly every receiver,
the owner of a DS-5500HD
will also be greeted with an
Installation Assistant when
first turning on the box. It
will guide you through the
most important basic set-
tings. This includes OSD lan-
guage, time settings, net-
work settings and of course
an automatic channel scan
to top it off.
If one or more details are
missing or if you simply want
to get an overview of all the
functions of your newly ac-
quired receiver, we sug-
gest you take a look in the
Main menu. In the System
settings you can personal-
ize nearly every one of the
DS-5500HD’s functions. For
example, the resolution of
the video signal output can
be set to 480i, 480p, 576i,
576p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p
or you can let the receiver
handle this task automati-
cally. We really appreci-
ate the fact that more and
more receivers, including
the DS-5500HD, are fully
HD compatible even though
the availability of 1080p HD
content depending on the
region is still very limited
or completely non-existent.
But at least you’re ready for
the future.
External USB storage de-
vices connected to the re-
ceiver via the USB interface
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