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49. New entries can be added
manually to the Internet TV+ list
50. Internet TV+ playback
51. Unfortunately, the Internet
Radio+ list is empty and doesn't
contain any preprogrammed
52. The YouTube App in the
FreeTV+ section worked
53. The web browser with
a number of bookmarks to
interesting pages
54. The character entry via the
OSD keyboard works just like a
mobile telephone
55. The TELE-audiovision
homepage with the browser's
status bar at the bottom of the
56. Bookmark function
57. The web browser window
can be adjusted in size and
moved to different positions
58. Two recordings (even from
HD channels) can take place at
the same time
59. The receiver displays all of
the previously recorded content
clearly and concisely
60. The DLNA media player can
access the multimedia content
on other devices in the local
61. Here you can see a number
of video files that are stored on
a MAC and are displayed and
played back on the DS-5500HD
62. Music playback via DLNA in
the local network
tons on the remote control
show their worth: they pro-
vide access to teletext, lan-
guage selection, subtitles or
the Favorites lists.
The new Dragonsat re-
ceiver‘s channel list can be
accessed, as is typical, with
the OK button and presents
itself as very detailed and
organized. Thanks to the
speedy channel switching
times of less than one sec-
ond, channel surfing with
the DS-5500HD is actually
fun. The Electronic Program
Guide (EPG) will also raise
an eyebrow: it is available
in two different modes and
provides detailed program-
ming information for several
hours for up to six channels
or it can show the entire
programming schedule for a
single channel for the next
several days. Since the new
Dragonsat also comes with
PVR features, recordings
can easily be programmed
directly via the EPG.
We definitely like that you
not only can record two
channels at the same time
while watching a third chan-
nel live, but the Timeshift
function is also automati-
cally available at any time
(up to a maximum of one
simultaneous recording). If
you‘re afraid of missing the
next episode of your favorite
TV series, then the ability to
set up daily, weekly, week-
day or weekend timer re-
cordings would be just per-
fect for you.
Overall, playing around
with the DS-5500HD was a
lot of fun and this was due
in large part to the speedy
reaction of the receiver to
remote control commands.
The decision by the manu-
facturer to incorporate an
STi processor with 256MB
Flash as well as 256 MB
SDRAM was right on the
Dragonsat even paid close
attention to quality when
the tuner was chosen; in our
tests it was able to handle
weaker signals like those
found on BADR at 26° east
and also narrowband sig-
nals such as those found on
TURKSAT at 42° east. We
also want to mention the
practical Picture-in-Picture
(PIP) function that shines
during commercial breaks. It
can be used to show a second
TV channel is a small window
on top of the primary chan-
nel or display two channels
side-by-side in the same size
windows. Also available, al-
though not all too useful, is
the ability with the push of
one button on the remote
control to provide a mosaic
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