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display of 9 or 12 channels.
If you take a look at the
you‘ll quickly realize that
they are constantly at work
modifying and improv-
ing the DS-5500HD. There
have already been multiple
updated software versions
posted there. New software
can not only be downloaded
from the Dragonsat website,
but updates can also be per-
formed directly on the re-
ceiver through an Internet
Dragonsat with their new
DS-5500HD is standing
squarely behind the Inter-
net as a secondary source
of TV and radio reception.
We here at TELE-audiovision
feel that the manufacturer is
63. Thanks to automatic
software updates, it's very easy
to keep the Dragonsat up-to-
64. In addition to new software,
FreeTV+ Apps, Internet TV+
and Internet Radio+ lists can
be downloaded via the Internet.
Even preconfigured channel
lists (e.g. for ASTRA2 at 28.2°
east) are also available for
65. Channel list download for
ASTRA2 at 28.2° east, HOTBIRD
at 13° east and EUTELSAT at
16° east
66. FreeTV+ Apps can be
downloaded and updated from
the Internet
67. The picture quality of the
preprogrammed Internet TV+
channels is very good
definitely on the right path;
high-speed Internet access
has already established it-
self to be a viable competi-
tor to satellite, cable and
terrestrial TV.
If you enter the submenu
„Media“, you‘ll come across
catchy feature names like
Internet TV+, Internet Ra-
dio+ or FreeTV+. When
these were accessed dur-
ing our tests we uncovered
a small disappointment: a
mere seven TV channels
were preprogrammed and
the Internet Radio+ list was
completely empty. On top
of that, of the seven pre-
programmed channels, only
three could be accessed and
displayed. If you‘re not sat-
isfied with these choices,
the alternative is to manu-
ally add Internet channels.
Fortunately, this can be
done without any problems.
The heading FreeTV+ pro-
vides access to a variety of
multimedia and content pro-
viders via the Internet with
the help of some practical
Apps. Currently there‘s only
one App for YouTube avail-
able; additional Apps were
displayed as if they were
available for download but
in the end they could not be
loaded on our test receiver.
Nevertheless, the YouTube
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