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Active Power
Apparent Power
24 W 13 W 0.54
12 W 5.5 W 0.45
Deep StandBy 0.5 W 0.5 W 1.00
Thomas Haring
Test Center
DragonSat DS-5500HD
HDTV Satellite Receiver
Energy: The first 15 minutes active operation, the second
15 minutes normal standby, the third 15 minutes expanded
standby with energy saving functions
Handy and easy to use receiver highlighted by a nicely structu-
red OSD and sophisticated software. Thanks to a wide variety of
Internet features, this box is much more than an ordinary satellite
receiver. Through its space-saving design and its external 12V
power supply it would be perfect for mobile applications, such
as, when camping.
The loading of Apps did not work during our tests and the Inter-
net TV+ and Internet Radio+ lists are very lackluster and need
some updating.
App worked perfectly and
when all the other Apps work
reliably, the user should be
more than satisfied.
To top it all off, the mul-
timedia section has a cli-
ent that provides access to
the Russian PayTV provider
Kartina TV and, of course,
there‘s also the ability to
play back local video files in
the formats WMV, TS, MP4,
MP4 HD, MKV, Flash, DivX
and AVI. For audio files the
MP3 format is available and
for pictures it‘s the JPG for-
In connection with this
we also liked the integrat-
ed DLNA media player with
which you can reach across
the network and access your
music collection on your PC
with the DS-5500HD. The
same, of course, is also true
for videos. And as if this
wasn‘t enough, Dragonsat
made it possible using the
DLNA media player to access
all of the stored content on
your receiver, whether it‘s
videos, music or pictures,
from a Windows PC. This
worked exceptionally well in
both directions in our tests
and at the same time it was
a lot of fun.
Of course, such an Inter-
net-oriented receiver like
the DS-5500HD should not
be without a browser. And
Dragonsat did not fail here
either, however, improve-
ments can be made here
as evidenced by the 10
second startup time that
was needed. Even the dis-
play of websites despite a
100Mbit Internet connec-
tion was very slow here in
our test center - nearly 20
seconds was needed to fully
load our Facebook page. Yet
we did like that Dragonsat
included a number of pre-
programmed bookmarks for
some of the more popular
sites like Facebook, CNN or
Google Maps. Entering char-
acters via the virtual key-
board also worked correctly.
The browser itself can be
individually adjusted for
size and position such that,
for example, a commercial
break can be used to surf
the Internet while still hav-
ing the TV picture in view so
you know when it would be
time to stop surfing. The In-
ternet features are rounded
off with a weather App, an
RSS reader, a calendar and
a calculator.
At this point we only want
to mention the submenu
Plugin for completeness;
it contains numerous tools
that go deeper into the re-
ception technology.
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