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— 09-10/2013
provide 18 V d.c. output for the multi-
Our test setup consisted of a satellite
dish pointed to EUTELSAT16A on 16°
East and equipped with a Quad LNB. We
connected the LNB outputs to the SUS
5581/33 NF LEGACY satellite inputs and
switched its top cover switch to the “22
kHz” position as required for a Quad
LNB. Should we have used a Quattro
LNB we would have switched it to the
“12V” position.
Before testing the single cable signals
we wanted to make sure that all is OK
with the legacy signals. Therefore our
first test was to compare one output
of our Quad LNB with the output no. 1
and output no. 3 when working in leg-
acy mode (1x8 mode).As you can see
in Graph 1 both outputs are regulated
to around 73 dBμV what is exactly in
line with SPAUN’s specifications. Qual-
ity of the signal is practically unaffected
– MER stays almost exactly the same
as it is in the multiswitch input – see
Graph 2.
And what about the trunk outputs? We
took similar measurements comparing
the original LNB output to the trunk out-
puts of the SUS 5581/33 NF LEGACY and
got the average through loss of 1.62 dB
what is in good agreement with SPAUN’s
promise: 1 … 2.5 dB loss.
We also checked if signal quality is not
Now that the basics are explained, we
can move on to testing the real world
products. We started with the SUS
5581/33 NF LEGACY. This SCR Multi-
switch is a rather complex one. It has
four inputs to connect either a Quattro
or Quad LNB and the fifth input is de-
signed to connect a terrestrial antenna.
Instead of one output SPAUN’s version
sports three outputs that can be config-
ured in two modes:
- 3x3 Mode: each of the three outputs
generates three different SCR carriers
- 1x8 Mode: output no. 2 generates
eight SCR carriers while output 1 and 3
work like a classical multiswitch output
to which conventional (legacy) satellite
receivers can be connected
Moreover, the SUS 5581/33 NF LEG-
ACY is equipped with 5 trunk outputs:
four for the satellite signals and one for
the terrestrial signal. That’s perfect to
connect them to the inputs of another
multiswitch. And that’s what we did in
our test setup, but more on that later.
All SPAUN multiswitches are perfectly
finished off. There is absolutely nothing
we could complain about. The Technical
Advice brochures that accompany every
product provide all the relevant techni-
cal data and hints for proper installation.
You will not get confused nor loose your
time trying to figure out what you should
connect with what. Everything is clear
from the very beginning.
Each multiswitch is additionally
equipped with a plug type universal
power supply with changeable adapters
for various electric power sockets. They
can operate in a wide range of mains
voltage: 100~240 V a.c. 50/60 Hz and
In TELE-satellite 12-01/2012 we introduced SPAUN's UNiSEqC
system with the first multiswitch of the series, the SUS 5581/33 NF
Graph 2.
Graph 1.
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