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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
1. The application that controls the Handheld Satcom
test source is an easy to use tool which basically
consists of this main window. Thumbs up for the nice
graphical scheme, that perfectly explains what each
parameter and button is used for.
2. First you need to connect the software with the
Test Source. This takes exactly 5 seconds and both
Windows XP and Windows 7 did install the instrument
automatically without the need to provide any drivers.
3. Once the instrument is connected, the status in the
upper part of the window is updated. In this case, the
power is provided through two USB cables.
4. The sweep generator opens in a separate window
and allows users to specify frequency range, the up
and down increment and speed, as well as the pause
between sweeps.
5. It is of course possible to use the Handheld Satcom
Test Source without a connected laptop. You just
need to set up the desired parameters and store them
in the instrument. When you then turn it on, it will use
these parameters automatically. Great if you need to
measure several devices with the same input signal.
-45 dBm to -5 dBm in 0.5 dB
Another parameter to
check with high-frequency
converters is the conver-
sion gain. Just like with the
measurement of the 1 dB
compression point, a signal
with a known signal level is
supplied to the converter.
A spectrum analyzer would
then be used to measure the
signal level at the output.
Of course, you could also
supply a real signal and
measure this. But due to
several factors this mea-
surement would not be as
precise, that‘s why it‘s nec-
essary to use a calibrated RF
test source.
In all of these applications
WORK Microwave has shown
that it has developed a fully
featured and well thought
out instrument: two inde-
pendent synthesizers can
supply two signals simulta-
neously in order to measure
The Handheld Satcom Test
Source‘s freely selectable
output level makes it pos-
sible to measure the 1 dB
compression point and also
gives you the ability to mea-
sure the conversion gain.
Handling the WORK Micro-
wave Handheld Satcom Test
Source is further simplified
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