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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
supported decoding can now
also be viewed. In the same
way a VC-1 license can be
purchased for 1.50 Euros so
that the corresponding con-
tent can also be viewed.
The Raspberry Pi works
primarily with a customized
Linux Distribution although
in the meantime you can get
a hold of ready-made firm-
ware files (called Images)
with XBMC. The name of this
media software stems from
the abbreviation for “Xbox
Media Center”: this software
was originally developed for
the first version of the Xbox.
Since then this software has
been ported over to every
conceivable system includ-
ing Windows, Linux, MacOS
as well as Android and iOS.
There’s no doubt: with XBMC
you’re talking about one of
the best multimedia pro-
grams. Nearly every possible
format can be played back
(audio, video and pictures),
there are what seems to be
an unlimited number of pl-
ugins and using it is easy as
pie. If you’re not yet familiar
with XBMC, you should load it
on Windows, MacOS or Linux
and take it for a spin.
Just like with Linux, there
are a variety of different ver-
sions of XBMC for the Rasp-
berry Pi: OpenELEC, Raspb-
mc, XBian, etc. We achieved
the best results with Ope-
To use the Raspberry Pi
with XBMC the following
steps have to be carried out:
1) The file with the XBMC
image must be downloaded
from the XBMC website (see
the table of links).
2) Unzip the archive with,
for example, WinRAR.
3) Next the *.img file
should be flashed onto the
SD card using the Win32Dis-
kImager. Make sure that the
Win32DiskImager has identi-
fied the correct drive for the
SD card so that you don’t ac-
cidentally format the wrong
4) Now the “config.txt”
file needs to be edited: the
MPEG2 license key must be
added in the correct spot.
Now the Raspberry Pi can
be started and after a few
seconds the XBMC interface
appears that is very self-ex-
planatory. Important note:
when the Pi is started for the
first time after the SD card
was written to, it is quite
normal for the operating sys-
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